“I am also a vlogger in YouTube.”

Rose Jean E. Cabarles

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By Wenhui Deng & Ya Wang

HONG KONG (2019) – Leaving the Philippine to pursue a higher income in order to raise her daughter, Rose Jean E. Cabarles has worked in Hong Kong as a domestic helper for four years. She said she also has become a famous vlogger on YouTube.


Rose, who had her daughter when she was only 17 years old, gave up her teaching career in Philippines and came to work in Hong Kong, where she started her passion for vlogging. Her vlog mainly records her daily life and provides useful information to those who want to work as Filipino maids in Hong Kong. Although her recordings are limited by time and place, Rose insists her vlogs have value in providing optimistic spiritual support to other helpers. Rose said the additional income from vlogging has helped her financially support nine other children, including her nieces and nephews. 


Rose said that she may return to the Philippine eight years from now, when her daughter finishes going to school. Once she returns, Rose said she may teach again or run a small business.