"I didn't know that here in Hong Kong is so much difficult."

Lili Beth

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By: Yijie Xu & Zhouyi He

HONG KONG (2019) – Immediately after Lili Beth moved from the Philippines, she started missing her children. She married at an early age and the 40-year-old mother has four children: two sons and two daughters. Her eldest son is studying police work as a second-year college student. 


Although Lili has a college education from the Philippines, she cannot afford the big expenses of her four children’s education. 


Lili said she is from a poor family and was forced to support the cost of her own education. But she remains convinced that education will definitely lead people to a better future. Therefore, she would rather be a domestic helper than give up the chance of educating of her own children. 


Her first job was in Qatar. She has good memories of her time there but found her salary unsatisfactory. Then she pinned her hopes on Hong Kong.    


When she was in Qatar, she longed to work in Hong Kong. Her cousin, who is a domestic helper in Hong Kong, shared many fancy pictures with her. However, she found things in Hong Kong are worse than Qatar, especially since she signed her helper contract with a very strict and difficult employment agency. The way she can comfort herself is by recalling her life in Qatar and imaging a bright future that her educated children will enjoy.


Lili is very proud that her eldest son is so mature. He has promised that he will try his best to find a great job to support the family after graduation and, most importantly, relieve the burden of Lili.