“I don’t want to be a domestic helper forever.”

Paulamariz Velasco

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By: Zufang Wang & Yuelin Li

HONG KONG (Year) – Paulamariz Velasco misses the Philippines. She misses her boyfriend. She misses her big family with her loving parents and five siblings even more, especially when she sees her employers together as a family.


Instead of going for her big dreams of taking business management course at university and starting her own Japanese restaurant with her boyfriend in the Philippines, the 25-year-old girl postponed her plans and started working as a domestic helper in Hong Kong at the age of 19.


Paula wants to go back home, but she can’t because she is financially supporting her younger siblings for their study. 


“Love and understanding are the best tools”, she said.


She said she is praying and expecting all the best for her loved ones and waiting for the day when she can pursue her big dreams with them around.