“As a single mom, I need to fight for my child’s education.”

Jennifer Susaya Angeles

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By: Yujia Pang & Simin Wu

HONG KONG (2019) – Following her divorce four years ago Jennifer Susaya Angeles, 34, left her hometown, Iloilo, in the Philippines, to work abroad, primarily to support her daughter’s education.


After working as a domestic helper in Qatar for two years, she decided to leave for Hong Kong in pursuit of a better income. During the two years in Hong Kong, Jennifer has worked only for one Chinese family, with whom she said she has a very good employment relationship. She said she looks after her employer’s two young daughters as if they were her own, but she misses her own daughter constantly. 


Every month she earns HK$4,300, half of which she said she sends home for her 6-year-old daughter's kindergarten tuition. She wants to ensure that her daughter does not drop out of school, which she said is main motivation for working as a domestic helper.