“I would like to be independent.”

Mila Feliciano Talastas

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By: Li Yu & Shaohui Fang

HONG KONG (2019) – Mila Feliciano Talastas, a 45-year-old domestic helper from the Philippines, came to Hong Kong to pursue a better life for her family. Her hobby is dancing and every Sunday she goes to Central to dance with her friends.


She has one son, four brothers, and her mother. Two of her brothers now work as sailors. Her mother stays at home to take care of one of Mila’s disabled brother and her son, who is autistic.


Mila separated from her husband in 1999. Now she is the main person to support her family. In order to earn more money, she came to Hong Kong. She is working for her fifth employer now.


Mila said the many working hours in Hong Kong and social unrest are making her consider going to another country, for example, Canada. So far her earnings have allowed her to renovate her house from wood to concrete. Her final dream is to start a small business in the Philippines with her own money.