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 “I support my family, my family supports me.”

Ivy Sabundo

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To provide medicine for her mother, Ivy Sabundo left her family in the Philippines and worked abroad for 13 years.


Her mother doesn’t like her out of the country, and her relatives want her to come home, she said. But Ivy is worried about money for her sick mother and sends home most of her salary.


The 43-year-old single woman worked for three years in Taiwan before going to Kuwait, where she gained child-caring experience. Now she has been working in Hong Kong since 2017.


“Working abroad is difficult and stressful,” Ivy said, but whenever she chats with her brother, she feels there is somebody who cares for her.


Ivy is now studying a course for caregivers, in the hopes that she can work in Canada. Then she will return home in three to five years.