“I’m very thankful that I have the chance to work in Hong Kong.”

Julieta Lao

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By Chuchu He & Chang Xiao

HONG KONG (2019) – Before coming to Hong Kong, Julieta Lao was an assistant for a Korean product company and ran her shop at home. Due to the low income in the Philippines, she decided to work in Hong Kong to support her family and give her daughter a better future.


She has been working in Hong Kong as a domestic helper for eight years. From Monday to Friday, she said she gets up before 6 a.m. and starts her daily work, which includes making breakfast, sending the children to school, and cleaning the house. Julieta usually has a holiday in every Saturday when she meets friends in Central. Her salary in Hong Kong is HK$4,720, most of which will be sent back to her family in the Philippines.


Julieta said she is very thankful for the opportunity to work in Hong Kong. She plans to leave the city in January 2020 because she wants to go back to the Philippines to accompany her daughter.