“Only my son is enough for me.”

Cherry Nagal Ayson

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By Shuhui Cui & Yixin Zhu

HONG KONG (2019) – Cherry Nagal Ayso, a mother of two sons, left the Philippines almost three years ago to work as a domestic helper in Hong Kong to pursue a better financial future for herself and her family, but mostly to afford her husband’s medication.


Cherry married her 43-year-old husband, a pastor who has prostate cancer and severe hypertension, when she was 18 years old. She said he gets jealous sometimes because she is so much younger than him, but overall considers him a good husband and a good father to their teenage boys. 


Cherry said much of her salary goes to support daily expenses for the family, education for her sons, and the medication for her husband and her mother, who is suffering from severe diabetes.


Although she said she is tired working all day, she still feels happy and stays positive.  Having sons and giving them a good quality education is enough for her. 


She plans to get married again with her husband when she returns home next year, but this time in church.