“I will stay, until … [I] need to support my children. That’s why I need to come back again, to support them again.”

Daralyn Perez

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By Jiaxin Lin

HONG KONG (2019) – Daralyn Perez, a 39-year-old single mother of three children left the Philippines to work alone in Hong Kong. Before she came to Hong Kong, Daralyn worked in Saudi Arabia for five years and in Kuwait for two years.


Daralyn said she always goes to church for bible study during her off days. Sometimes she goes shopping with her friends as well. 


Daralyn’s oldest daughter is 20 years old and will to graduate next year. Her second child is 18, and the youngest is still in primary school. Daralyn said she plans to go back to the Philippines for a few months next year to see her daughter graduate, but needs to return quickly because her other children still need her financial support. Apart from that, she thinks her body is still in a good condition and she will stay in Hong Kong for a long time to work.