“Sometimes my son does not want to talk to me.”

Jovita Magalong

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By Xinyi Chen & Shijiao Liu

HONG KONG (2019) – Jovita Magalong, who came to Hong Kong three years ago to save money for her family, struggled at the beginning when she missed her home very much.


Now in Hong Kong, Jovita’s main work as a domestic helper is to take care of a 6-year-old girl and her pets, including two cats, two turtles, one rabbit and two birds.


The 38-year-old Filipino mother of two children – one boy and one girl – said she enjoys making cross-stitch for her “two families.”


“I only make for myself and my family. And then ‘mom’ also,” she said. “I feel comfortable here. Especially when your employer treats you like you are family.”


Although passionate about life, Jovita said she still gets very emotional when her kids beg her to return home. 


“I explain to them that I need to pay for the house; save some money for their education,” she said sadly. “Sometimes my son does not want to talk to me.”