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“Every time I feel homesick, I just remind myself that I need to work more for my child’s dream.”

Joyce Flores

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By Menghan He & Lulu Shao 

In order to help her daughter pursue a dream of becoming a doctor, Joyce Flores left the Philippines 10 years ago and moved to Hong Kong to work as a domestic helper.

As a 33-year-old single mother, Flores has become a long-distance parent, struggling to raise her daughter by herself. During her decade in Hong Kong, Flores has worked in only one household, which she says is a “nice” Chinese family. Her workload, she says, is not heavy.

Flores says she plans to work in Hong Kong until her daughter finishes her university education – possibly another 10 years. Eventually, after she returns to the Philippines, Flores would like to start her own business, such as a simple and affordable restaurant that is not a financial burden for Filipinos to visit and eat.