“I think I am a kind of optimistic type of person. No matter what problem it is, I just need to think positive.”

Shebah Mae Vencer

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By Yingxin Huang & Wenxiao Hu

HONG KONG (2019) – Shebah Mae Vencer, 30, gave up her plan to become a nurse and came to Hong Kong five years ago to work as a domestic helper.


She said she had the opportunity to choose between working in Singapore or Hong Kong. Shebah chose Hong Kong because of its beautiful scenery, she said. She spends most of her spare time sightseeing around Hong Kong with her close friends. Before she came to Hong Kong, Shebah said she thought she could only see those views through pictures. She now considers it an achievement to be able to see those places on her own.


Shebah always considered herself as a positive person and tried to always stay optimistic. She plans to save enough money to emigrate to Canada with her family.