“Music is my heartbeat and I am doing it for God.”

Marieluz Daguio

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By Xinfang Zhang & Yuefan Zheng

HONG KONG (2018) – With the desire to save money for a food business, Marieluz Daguio, 29, said she came to Hong Kong to work as a domestic helper for three years.


Daguio, called Lot by friends in church, was born and raised in Isabela, Philippines. Before moving to Hong Kong she lived with her two sisters, one brother and mother. Her father died while she was growing up.


During her time in Hong Kong, Daguio said she has worked for two families – a couple from mainland China with two children and afterwards a local couple with a 6-month-old baby.


As a devout Christian, Daguio said during her Sunday routine – her one day off each week – she attends church, where she sings songs and plays a guitar. 


With her monthly salary of HK$5,000, Daguio said she can save enough money to return home and start food business with her sister.