“We sacrifice this because of the future of our children.”

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By Yizhi Li & Tianfu Qiao

HONG KONG (2019) – “I received 10 gold medalists, 4 gold cups, and silver, maybe 7, I guess, and then 3 bronze,” Yolanda Tabuena said about her martial arts successes.


Being at the age of 50 as a single woman, Yolanda spent more than 26 years in Hong Kong after finished nursery school in her Philippines hometown. As a domestic helper she spent all her energy and spare time on Taekwondo she said. 


After several years of training, she competed in various championships and eventually became a Hong Kong team member in 2015. Yolanda said she earns double of what she used to now that she is both a domestic helper and a part-time Taekwondo instructor for teenagers. 


She said she plans to become a full-time teacher in early 2020 and is expecting more domestic helpers in Hong Kong to join her training in Taekwondo during their spare time.