“I want to build up my own business.”

Melinda Romero Mercado

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By: Yu Yang & Cong Fang

HONG KONG (2019) – Saving is very important to Melinda Romero Mercado. The 41-year-old woman left her mother, husband and two sons to earn more money for her family and her future goals. Melinda has worked for an 87-year-old woman as a domestic helper for one year.   


Melinda enjoying exploring Hong Kong with her friends before the social unrest grew in mid-2019. But now, they can only stay in the park on Sunday. Melinda said she does not mind the protests too much, because she has also participated in rallies against corruption during her college life in the Philippines.


With her previous working experience in a department store and her education in economics at Central Mindanao University, Melinda wants to set up her own retail store. She plans to work in Hong Kong for another 10 years in order to save the initial deposit she needs.