“2020 may be the last term to my boss.”

Nerie Habungan

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By: Ziwei Song & Runqiu Long

HONG KONG (2019) – Nerie Habungan, a 52-year-old Filipino woman, who has already served as a domestic helper in Hong Kong for eight years, may leave Hong Kong next year.


Tired of overloaded work, Nerie said she needs a rest. She also wants to spend more time with her kids after leaving them home for many years.


Nerie came to Hong Kong for a higher salary to support her family. Her oldest daughter has already graduated from a local university in the Philippines and has become an English teacher.


Hong Kong is not the first place where Nerie worked as a domestic helper. At 23, Nerie went to Singapore to work. That is where she learned to speak mandarin. Afterward, Nerie worked in Taiwan to take care of a disabled elderly woman for five years.


The former two experiences of being a helper were not easy she said, not only for the tiring workload but also for having no time to rest. When hearing of different and better domestic helper policies in Hong Kong, Nerie went to Hong Kong and served for eight years for a Chinese family with four children.


Although the work in Hong Kong is not easy as well, Nerie said can still go to church with her friends every Sunday. She said when she feels extra life pressure the church can be the only place for her to relax.


After returning to the Philippines, Nerie wants to own a small restaurant.