”I’m a tough woman not relying on anyone.”

Nayna nur Leala

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By: Shiyue Zhao & Yichen Li

HONG KONG (2018) – Nayna nur Leala, who comes from the northern part of Indonesia in East Java, has been working as a domestic helper in Hong Kong for eight years. 


Faced with husband’s low income and two younger unmarried sisters, Leala said she came to Hong Kong to pursue a better financial future. Here, she said, she can earn a salary seven times more than in her hometown. Leala takes care of a family with two children, 8 and 4. She has been working eight years for the same employer, whom she said is “the best in Hong Kong.”


Being the only source of income for the family, Nay says she has already tried her best. First come, she had nothing. But now she already has her own house, a car and two motorbikes in Indonesia. Nay also tries to learn more like modeling and facial skills in free time. “You are hard-working and keep your money and then you will be a strong woman. I guess I am successful.” She said.