“I want [to go] back fast to Indonesia.”

Ninik Sri Banunawati

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By: Kailin Li & Vini Damayanti

HONG KONG (2018) – When Ninik Sri Banunawati left Indonesia in 2005 to work as a domestic helper in Hong Kong, she never thought that she would live 1,000 miles away from her autistic son for more than 10 years. Nevertheless, returning back home right now is not a good option she said, because she is the sole financial provider for an 82-year-old father, a 16-year-old son, and a brother.  


She said her hard work has paid off. By having a monthly income of HK$4,310, Banunawati not only can save money, but also build a house in her hometown, Ngawi, a small village that is known for potato production. In the future, she plans to have a livestock farming business.  


Banunawati, 41, earned a bachelor degree in English from the Open University of Hong Kong. On her days off she leads English classes for her domestic worker friends. This class is a part of several activities held by Komunitas Ibu Cerdas Indonesia (Smart Mother of Indonesian Community). Since last year, Banunawati has become a leader of this community.