HK Voices

Life As a Domestic Helper is a multi-year journalistic project showcasing the personal stories from many of Hong Kong's more than 300,000 foreign domestic helpers. 


These unique stories of work and daily life in Hong Kong form a larger ethnographic tapestry of what it means to leave behind family and friends in search of a better income and more stable future. This website hopes to share with the greater Hong Kong community the hidden stories of these people, mostly women from the Philippines and Indonesia, who work in the homes of Hong Kong residents.


This multimedia documentary collection is reported and produced by graduate and undergraduate students from the Hong Kong Baptist University Department of Journalism and School of Communication. So far students have collected more than 100 stories, including first-person audio reports, photo essays, feature writing and short video docs. Every year we will expand the collection.


If you are a domestic helper currently living in Hong Kong and want to share your story with us, we would love to hear from you. We hope you, friends, colleagues or other people in the domestic helper community want their voices heard as well. 


Thank you to all of the domestic helpers featured in this project for their time and their stories.

Students of HKBU

Dean C.K. Cox & Robin Ewing

Senior Lecturers, Department of Journalism, HKBU

For inquires please email us at

deancox@hkbu.edu.hk; ewing@hkbu.edu.hk